Our Difference

Why should you travel with Tours for the World?

At Tours for the World, we strive to provide culturally immersive experiences to over 40 global destinations. Become captivated by the traditions, culture and people – while guided by regional experts who have a passion to share the history and heritage of their country. Featuring only 4 and 5 star accommodations, our tours are handcrafted to meet the diverse and eclectic needs of today’s travelers. Simplicity is key; packages include admission, transportation, taxes, transfers and much more. Depart for global destinations with the knowledge that traveler safety is our top priority.


Passenger safety is our number one priority. We may alter or change accommodations, tours, and transportation as deemed necessary, we are in constant communication with our colleagues ensuring we know everything there is to know about the regions we operate in.


There is no better market alternative. While other providers offer travelers accommodation in hostels, B&Bs, and even houses – we only use 4 & 5 star hotels. We don’t hide words like “optional” or “if requested.” What you see is what you get - guaranteed.


With over 40 global destinations offered, there is something for everyone. We can further customize tours based on interests and desires, such as: religion, wedding/ honeymoon, Tours for Women, and diamond/luxury.


Enjoy excursions and access to tours and locations not available on most tours. Discover exotic destinations and experience the culture in ways only Tours for the World can provide.



While on vacation, you get to call some of the greatest hotels in the world home. Only stay and dine in hotels/resorts and restaurants that meet our strict standards of hospitality and luxury.


No need to worry about tickets and admissions to parks, museums and other events. We take care of all the little things so you don’t have to.

A - Z Travel

Doesn’t matter if it’s a quick flight, drive or ferry, or a crosscountry excursion, we have you covered. Getting from point A-Z while on your tour is well planned. We’ll make sure that all travel while with us is taken care of.